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January 7, 2002-- News

The Olympic torch weighs 3 pounds and is 33 inches long. Being asked to help carry it on its way to the Olympic venue in Salt Lake City were Paul Magelli, director of the Office of Strategic Business Initiatives in the Illinois MBA Program, and Ann DeStollar, a 1994 graduate of the college with a degree in finance.

DeStollar carried the torch in Chicago on January 5. Her selection was based on an interview she did with Larry King about her boyfriend, Gary Lutnick, who died in the World Trade Center on September 11. Lutnick was a staff member at Cantor Fitzgerald.

Magelli carried the glass, copper, and aluminum torch in Indianpolis on January 7. He was nominated by Diane Smith, a former Olympian, as a surprise for his 70th birthday, according to a News-Gazette interview. Smith cited Magelli's willingness to go the extra mile for CCBA students as the reason for her nomination. Magelli commented in the interview that he will treasure the title of Olympic torchbearer more than any other title he has had.

The torch, which started its cross-country trip on December 4, will travel through 46 states in 65 days and arrive in Salt Lake City on February 8. By the time the torch reaches Salt Lake City, it will have been carried by 11,500 people and covered 13,500 miles.

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