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June 20, 2002 -- News Brief

China Management Programs move to International Programs and Studies

The college's China Management Programs, part of the training and development offerings in the Executive Development Center (EDC), are transfering their operations to the campus office for International Programs and Studies, led by Associate Provost Earl Kellogg. The move is effective on July 1, 2002.

Since being established in the College of Commerce and Business Administration in 1993, the China programs have drawn more than 60 delegations from companies, organizations, and government agencies throughout China. Programs vary in length and are usually customized to meet the needs of the sponsoring organization. CBA faculty present the classes. Field trips, seminars, and social events round out the experiences for the attendees.

Virginia Waaler, program director, Nianhua Wang, program representative, and Belinda Smith, secretary, will continue to coordinate the offerings, which they expect to expand to utilize additional campus units. Their new location will be 322 International Studies Building.

The decision to transfer the program to International Programs and Studies was made by CBA Dean Avijit Ghosh, Associate Provost Kellogg, and Provost Richard Herman.

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