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June 18, 2002 -- News Brief

Marketing Group Hosts Midwest Marketing Camp

The Marketing Group in the Department of Business Administration hosted over 75 faculty and students for the annual Midwest Marketing Camp (MMC) that brings together marketing scholars from midwestern universities to discuss their latest research in marketing. Chaired by Professor Cele Otnes, participants provided marketing researchers with a forum for testing the latest conceptual, methodological, and managerial research ideas in a workshop environment. MMC was held on June 7-9 on the Urbana-Champaign campus.

The Midwest Marketing Camp is an annual research symposium rotated among Midwestern university and college campuses. Presenters covered a range of marketing related topics including consumer behavior, electronic commerce, distribution, public policy, retailing, advertising, and market response models. Special workshops were held on sheparding papers through the review process at marketing journals as well as effective conference presentations and job talks and achieving long-term research productivity in academe. Several holders of endowed chairs at the University of Illinois, Notre Dame, and the University of Nebraska participated.

In addition to offering sessions on Saturday and Sunday, the attendees got a flavor of central Illinois by visiting some local attractions, including a trip to the Harvest Moon Drive-In. Several staff in the marketing group planned various social events for the conference, including "Journal Jeopardy," in which students and faculty were able to demonstrate their familiarity with authors, editors, and articles in academic journals pertaining to marketing.

"The sheer size of the conference makes it a wonderful forum for meeting people and sharing ideas, but the hospitality put forth by the Illinois group made it that much more enjoyable," said Carrie Heilman, assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis. Commented Greg Gundlach, John C. Berry Professor of Business and Professor of Marketing at Notre Dame: "It was a terrific experience and I enjoyed your campus."

Begun by University of Minnesota Professor Allan Shocker, MMC has been the launching pad for numerous research studies that have subsequently found their way into marketing journals. The Ohio State University will host the Midwest Marketing Camp in 2003.

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