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November 6, 2002 -- News Brief

Picking a major -- and a career

College life is full of decisions, and few are as significant as selecting a major. College of Business freshmen, sophomores, and transfer students can make their decisions using information obtained during department-sponsored sessions that clarify the educational objectives of a major as well as the associated career opportunities.

The Department of Business Administration held a pre-registration meeting in October to showcase the eight BA concentrations and to offer general information and support to the students. As freshman Nick Fabek remarked prior to the meeting "I'm a marketing major and I'm not really sure how that's different from other majors." The departmental meetings are designed to clear up such questions.

Jackie Kacen, Assistant Head for Undergraduate Advising in Business Administration, started the session with overviews of the concentrations including required skills and courses and sample jobs and salaries for recent graduates. She also provided 2001 job placement information, including sample salaries compared by concentration and where to look for further information about companies, careers, and concentrations. These brief overviews were followed by more in-depth descriptions of a few of the concentrations, then a question and answer session to address student concerns about picking concentrations and careers.

Staff from other College departments, and some concentrations, offer similar sessions that clarify options, highlight program benefits, and point out different educational paths students can take within CBA. At each session, faculty are also available to answer student questions and give advice that ranges from specific (such as what is required for different concentrations) to general (the merits of double majoring or study abroad).

BA's meeting centered on giving undergraduates the information they wanted and needed to make the most out of their college (and CBA) experience. As Jackie Kacen told those assembled, "Our goal is for you to be happy and successful."

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--Meagan Benz

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