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March 2005

Impact on Illinois:
How the College Contributes to the State

Dean Avijit GhoshCollege of Business Dean Avijit Ghosh was interviewed this month on the contributions the College makes on Illinois businesses. The interview will be available on selected flights this summer on Northwest and American Airlines. Check the program listings in the in-flight magazine for details.

In the interview with a SkyRadio reporter, Dean Ghosh noted the impact the College has on the state through graduation of knowledgable and skilled graduates who are hired by businesses in Illinois and the availability of faculty research. Executive education programs in Chicago represent a relatively recent initiative that reflect's the College's interest in serving the regional business community.

He also referenced OSBI Consulting, a student-run consulting firm that works on projects for small to large companies. Students gain valuable hands-on experience while still in school. Most OSBI students are enrolled in the Illinois MBA program.

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