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Phi Gamma Nu’s Mr. Business Competition


by Seni Starovoita
The 3rd annual Mr. Business competition was hosted on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 in the Gregory Hall auditorium to raise money for the Don Moyer’s Boys and Girls Club of Champaign. Several men from the College of Business were featured in the male beauty pageant.
Participants included Kyle Deininger, sophomore in supply chain management and marketing, of Alpha Kappa Psi, Brian Donenberg, senior in accountancy, David Elster, senior in marketing, Ryan Hansen, senior in advertising, of Phi Gamma Nu, Andy Janik, senior in finance, Dan Kornita, junior in finance, Billy Tabrizi, sophomore in accountancy, of Business Council, Barry Trilla, junior in accountancy and finance, Kendall Woods, junior in economics, of Phi Chi Theta, and Dan Wywrot, junior in finance and accountancy, of Delta Sigma Pi.
Emcees Shaistah Bahrainwala and Bryan Macfarlane hosted the competition that began with a group dance performance to a selection of popular hit songs. “Baby,” sung by 16 year-old Justin Bieber, proved to be the most popular.
In the talent portion, the audience witnessed a wide variety of performances, including Kornita’s swing dancing, Donenberg’s golf juggling, and a series of musical talents through voice, piano, and guitar. Tabrizi’s video presentation/comedy performance was a crowd favorite, as his imitations of Professor Mike Dyer and Dean Victor Mullins were uncanny.
Contestants were judged by Dean Victor Mullins, Assistant Dean John Hedeman, PwC campus recruiter Ken Dembek, and Deloitte campus recruiter Kelly Sunderbruch. By the end of the competition, the judges awarded their top recognition to Billy Tabrizi who was crowned Mr. Business 2010.
When asked about his win, Tabrizi commented, “It's great to be Mr. Business and not get in trouble for impersonating professors, but really the entire event is one of the highlights of the year! Mr. Business is one of my favorite events, just because it involves so many business organizations and really shows that family feel in the College of Business.”

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