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Third Annual LEAD Program a Success


This summer, the College hosted our third Leadership and Development (LEAD) Program, designed to increase the number of African American, Hispanic, and Native American students who enroll as undergraduates in the College of Business.

Associate Dean Victor Mullins and Assistant Dean Jewell White of the Office of Undergraduate Affairs coordinated the program for the College. Said White of the students, “Between July 9-29, we welcomed 30 academically gifted students from across the country to Champaign-Urbana. The academic schedule was very full, but we have provided plenty of opportunity for the LEADers to have some fun.”

Mullins added, “Upon completing the 3-week summer institute, LEAD students joined a network of alumni, corporate partners, and college administrators through which LEAD alumni are offered summer internships and are introduced to opportunities leading to full-time permanent offers and enrollment into top business programs.

The intensive curriculum provided insight into a variety of business disciplines including marketing, accounting, finance, ethics, leadership and entrepreneurship. Real business problems were analyzed using a case study method. Students were divided into teams and were instructed to research and document activities required to put on a benefit concert at the campus Assembly Hall. The project used an integrated simulation model where the students experienced the actual planning and executing of a large scale event at the largest arena outside of the United Center in Chicago. Their final presentations were judged by corporate executives and business professors.

Since its inception in 2004, LEAD has been an effective mechanism for channeling top minority students into the College. Today, we have 8 LEADers enrolled in the Class of 2009 and 9 LEADers enrolled in the Class of 2010.

The College of Business extends a heartfelt thanks to our corporate sponsors for supporting the 2006 LEAD summer business institute: Archer Daniels Midland, Caterpillar, ChicagoLand Barbecue, Eaton, Ernst & Young, Harris Bank, John Deere, and Phillip MorrisUSA.

The program featured classes on marketing, managerial accounting, new product development, and branding strategies. Students walked away with an introduction to business etiquette, web page development, interviewing, resume writing, and a host of other topics. Each Friday, students traveled to Chicago to participate in corporate visits with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst and Young, Quaker Oats, Phillip Morris, ChicagoLand Foods, and the National Black MBA Association.

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