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Certificate in Business Administration


A ten-week program offered by the College of Business gives graduates students in non-business programs the chance to add another credential to their resumes. The Certificate in Business Administration Program for Graduate Students is designed specifically for non-business graduate students who want the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a variety of business ventures.

“The program teaches students people skills, managerial techniques, and ethical behavior,” says Sandy Carroll, the head of the program. “It gives them a better idea of how an organization runs, and how they fit into the business.”

Most of the students who enroll in the program are pursuing graduate degrees in the sciences. In a few years, many will be running research laboratories or administering grants. Business acumen and knowledge will help students in their future roles as well as providing valuable skills that employers look for when making hiring decisions, says Carroll. “Students already have the scientific background in their field. The exposure to business principles and practice gives them an extra edge,” she says.

The course will introduce the fundamentals of planning, organization, leadership, management, reporting, and analysis. Students will learn sound business concepts from tenured Business faculty, and how these principles apply to both start-up firms and Fortune 500 companies.

“Corporate culture varies, certainly, but companies share similar challenges,” said Greg Northcraft, the Harry J. Gray Professor of Executive Leadership in the department of Business Administration and an instructor in the program. “Understanding the motivation behind an organization’s decision-making process can be helpful as you navigate through the workplace.”

The semester-long course meets on Tuesday nights from February 13-April 24.

For more information, call 244-3115.

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