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Finance Faculty Recognized for Scholarly Output


The Department of Finance in the College of Business has been recognized for excellence in scholarly output, according to a new ranking system that evaluates institutions throughout the country.

The 2005 Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index ranks doctoral programs in 104 disciplines at 354 institutions. The Department of Finance ranked third out of all universities.

"This is one of the few rankings that carefully considers the scholarly impact of a group on a per faculty basis and does not rely on simple metrics largely affected by overall department size," said David Ikenberry, the Interim Associate Dean of the College and Chair of the department.   "While
this approach is innovative, the results are not surprising."

The 24 faculty members who were evaluated in the survey have published widely in the fields of Capital Markets, Financial Derivatives, Insurance and Risk Management, and Corporate Finance, Banking, and Real Estate.
The rankings were recently highlighted in The Chronicle of Higher Education .

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