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Executive MBA Ranked #1 in Poland


On June 16, 41 proud students graduated as the 14th class of the Warsaw-Illinois Executive MBA program, the # 1 ranked program in Poland.

For the past five consecutive years, the Executive MBA program has been ranked #1 by an influential Polish weekly business magazine. As its name implies, the Executive MBA program is designed to meet the needs of managers who pursue an MBA while continuing to work full time. The program content is nearly identical to the College of Business Executive MBA program offered in Chicago (and also taught in English), and both world-class programs offer challenging content, placing high demands on participants and faculty.

Warsaw Executive MBA Graduates receive an MBA from the University of Illinois and a Certificate of Postgraduate Studies in Management and Marketing from the University of Warsaw in Poland. Half of the coursework is taught by Warsaw faculty and half by faculty from the College who travel to Warsaw, typically about six professors per cohort.  

Susan Cohen, director of the Warsaw EMBA for the University of Illinois, and an associate professor of business administration, has taught statistics in the program for three of the 13 years it has been in existence, but has had contact with the program and its faculty and administrators since the 1990s.  “It is a privilege to work in a program with people who have such a sense of ownership and loyalty to making it successful,” Cohen said. “The students can sense this,” she added.

Since the program started in 1994, Cohen said she is amazed at how much things have changed in Warsaw. “Not many of our early students were working for multi-national companies,” she said.  “But now this is certainly the norm and the class is very-well traveled.”  

Last year’s June 2007 class was the biggest class, with 41 graduates, and a class of equal size is expected this year.  Based on the applicants to date, Cohen said next year’s class should again be top-notch.

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