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Senate Confirmation Hearing for Brown Held


Jeff BrownJeffrey Brown, associate professor of finance and Julian Simon Fellow, testified before the Senate Committee on Finance on December 14 as a nominee for the Social Security Advisory Board. The SSAB is a bipartisan board whose members are nominated by the President.

In his remarks, Brown pledged to support the bipartisan nature of the board, which provides advice to the President, Congress, and Social Security Commissioner. 

"Social Securiy has become a part of the social fabric of this nation," said Brown in his remarks. "Unfortunately, the Social Security system faces severe financial challenges in the coming decade."

Brown is an authority on pensions, annunitizations, and Social Security. He was a senior economist with the White House Council of Economic Advisers during 2001-2002 and served on the President's COmmission to Strengthen Social Security in 2001.


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