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Campello Honored with Alan J. & Joyce D. Baltz Professorship


By Sarah Small

Faculty, students, and friends of the College of Business celebrated the investiture for Professor Murillo Campello’s appointment as the Alan J. and Joyce D. Baltz Professor last Thursday in the Deloitte Auditorium of the Business Instructional Facility.

Campello, a finance professor, is recognized in his field as a leader in corporate financial management and economic policy making. His papers deal with the limits of the firm, corporate capital structure, firm financing constraints and other significant issues. His work is cited by prominent policy authorities, such as the Federal Reserve Chairman, Mr. Ben Bernanke. Murillo is also a leader in his field as a celebrated author and associate editor of multiple premier finance journals.

We really need to consider this a celebration,” said Interim Provost Robert Easter, “We’re here to honor Dr. Campello for his scholarship, it’s the way we academics recognize achievements, but we’re also here to honor those who made this possible.”

Alan (‘57) and Joy Baltz enabled the creation of this new professorship with a generous donation to the college.

“They saw the importance of education for developing a fulfilling life; and I applaud them for their decision to enable others to share in these opportunities,” said Charles Kahn, head of the Department of Finance.

“To see our faculty so recognized is also a reminder to me of the greatness of this university, the greatness of those we see just every day in our walks across campus,” said Easter.

Campello is an authority on corporate finance and the relationship between finance and the economy. He was chosen to receive the professorship because his work has made him one of the College of Business’s most distinguished colleagues, Kahn said.

“Murillo is one of the leading scholars in the world at understanding these issues and understanding the issues in the financial crisis,” said Michael Weisbach, professor at Ohio State University who has co-authored journals with Campello.

Weisbach commended the Baltzs for their generosity, and ensured them their donation would be put to good use with Campello in the Alan J. and Joyce D. Baltz Professorship.

“One of the great things about professorships is they last for the lifetime of the university, and that means they can last a long time,” said Larry DeBrock, dean of the College of Business. “These things are part of the lifeblood of the university.”

Campello’s wife, Maria Alexandre, a lecturer of Business Administration, said her and her husband feel honored that he received the professorship and was recognized by his colleagues.

“We hold Illinois very dear to our hearts,” Alexandre said. “It feels like being at home.”

Campello said when he came to ILLINOIS in 1994 as an exchange student, he had a 4-month visa and long-term plans in his home in Rio de Janeiro, but 15 years later, he is still at the university.

I’d just like to say the last 15 years have been wonderful for me here at the University of Illinois,” Campello said. “It’s a place that I have been able to grow as a researcher but also as a person with friends everywhere inside the university and outside the university.”

He thanked the Baltzs for donating to ILLINOIS to create the professorship and to the University for creating the atmosphere in which he could develop his career.

“I’m looking forward to the next 15 years and this award today,” Campello aid. “This professorship is definitely something that will strengthen the bond between my family and the University of Illinois. I’m so thankful for this.”

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