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COMING SOON! College of Business Yearbook, “Sixth Street”


By: April Hu

With the help of Assistant Director Ben Chandler, Dean Victor Mullins, and a group of enthusiastic students, the College of Business yearbook Sixth Street is celebrating its third anniversary this year. Headed by the new yearbook editor, Tina Ho, the yearbook staff has been working throughout the year to design a yearbook full of memories that their fellow students can treasure in the years beyond.

The yearbook Sixth Street gets its name from the location of the Business Instructional Building (BIF) on Sixth Street, one of the most environmentally friendly buildings on campus. The yearbook will consist of different sections that highlight different sectors of the lives business students enjoy at the University of Illinois. It will include sections on various business organizations and business fraternities. The yearbook will also feature students’ reflections on student life and academics. Other segments include senior portraits, messages from administration, alumni, and special sentiments from parents and classmates.

The senior portraits section is the most extensive project for the yearbook and this will not be a success without the involvement of everyone in the graduating class. In order to make it convenient for the seniors, the yearbook staff is working to arrange a photographer to take senior portraits at the Fall Business Career Fair on September 14 and September 15. Caps and gowns will be provided. All seniors are strongly encouraged to participate at that time. Look out for more information on the exact location and time between now and the Career Fair.

Sixth Street aims to allow business students to leave the University with their memories intact. The yearbook will capture both the memories of college experiences and the remembrance of friends. With the yearbook, business students will be able to reminisce of their time in the college as they move forward in life.

The yearbook team continually seeks enthusiastic new members who are interested and willing to help create a successful yearbook and newsletter. There are various opportunities available including writing, layout design, photography and web design. Anyone with questions or interest in getting involved with our organization, contact the Undergraduate Business Media at

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