April 2003  

Washington Post Quotes Finance Faculty on Terrorism Insurance
Assistant Professor of Finance Jeffrey Brown was quoted in a Washington Post article on the "act of war" exclusion in most terrorism insurance policies. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A15814-2003Apr2.html

Shopping Research Cited by
Georgia Newspaper

The Augusta (GA) Chronicle referenced research by Professor Cele Otnes in a story about the shopping habits and preferences of men versus women. http://www.augustachronicle.com/stories/041603/bus_172-5444.000.shtml

A Bull Market for Learning

Software developed in the College of Business is used in high school classes to give students a taste of trading in the market. Finance Club undergraduates helped explain the process and the terminology. http://www.news-gazette.com/story.cfm?Number=13648

Entrepreneurship and Technology:
Lessons Learned, Shared
Prith Banerjee told his entrepreneural story in a presentation sponsored by the College of Business' Center for Entrepreneurial Development. http://www.cba.uiuc.edu/publications/Features/2003.Banerjee.html

Global Tycoon: Applied Business Experience
for MBA Students
Global Tycoon is a "challenging, dynamic, team-based" competition for students in the Illinois MBA Program. Read all about it from a student's perspective. http://www.mba.uiuc.edu/news/20030320.php

Boston Globe Feature on Gambling in Massachusetts
Quotes Kindt

John Kindt's gambling research was included in a feature in the Boston Globe magazine. The lengthy article focused on the possible easing of the state's fiscal crisis by establishing gambling in the state. http://www.boston.com/globe/magazine/2003/0406/coverstory.htm
News Bureau News Brief

Student Presentation Wins Award

Beta Alpha Psi executive committee members traveled to Indianapolis for a regional meeting. Two of their members made an award-winning presentation on chapter activities. http://www.cba.uiuc.edu/publications/News/2003/April.Regional.html

Carefully Selected Adjectives Help Market Menu Choices
A North Carolina TV station included a "Health Report" news brief on their website about Business Administation Professor Brian Wansink's research on marketing prepared food products. http://rdu.news14.com/content/health_report/?ArID=26673&SecID=247

Associate Dean for Professional Programs Named
Larry DeBrock has been named as the Associate Dean for Professional Programs for the College. http://www.cba.uiuc.edu/publications/News/2003/April.DeBrock.html

CED Sponsors Travel to Case Competition
The Center for Entrepreneural Development made possible a trip by an Illinois MBA student to San Francisco for an international case competition. http://ced.cba.uiuc.edu/Press_Room/2003/0410/

Alumni Profile: Bob Gallup
Alumnus Bob Gallup is the executive director for Nursing Knowledge International, a division of the internatational honor society of nursing. http://www.cba.uiuc.edu/Alumni/Alumni_Profile/Interviews/Gallup.html


May 17-18: Class of 2003 Convocation and Commencement Ceremonies
College of Business Convocation is May 17 at the Assembly Hall. Campuswide commencement ceremonies are May 18, also at the Assembly Hall.
College of Business convocation information
Commencement information

May 20: Round Table in Chicago Featuring Dean Ghosh
College of Business Dean Avijit Ghosh will be the speaker at the Round Table on May 20 at the Illini Center. Reservations are requested. Contact Tina Howard, director of development, for more information and to register.

June 23-26: CIBER-sponsored Electricity Transmission Business School
The Illinois Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) is sponsoring a four-day conference in Chicago on the rapid changes in electricity markets and the transmission business. http://www.news.uiuc.edu/news/03/0416eei.html

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