December 2004  

Lorna Doucet.Rudeness Tolerated if Info is Correct
Lorna Doucet's research reveals that customer service representatives can be quite rude before customers take offense. It seems we tolerate a lot if the information we receive is correct. Read more>>


Customer Innovations: Culling for the Best

Customers have a lot of ideas about ways to improve products. The challenge for companies is recognizing the ones that the market needs, says Sonali Shah. Read more>>

Michael Shaw.
Trustworthy Computing Course Funded by Microsoft

Michael Shaw has received a grant from Microsoft to develop a course introducing graduate students to trustworthy computing. Read more>>


All Your (Investment) Eggs in Just One Basket
Research by Scott Weisbenner and Zoran Ivkovic referenced in helped make the case for putting a lot of money in just a few stocks. Read more>>

Expanding the Market

Students in Tiffany Barnett White's business marketing class worked with a small-business owner to come up with creative ideas to expand his market. Read more>>

Jeff Brown.
Baby Boomer Retirement Income Might Not Measure Up

A reduced standard of living in the golden years might be in store for baby boomers who are relying more on their pensions than savings. Research from Jeff Brown. Read more>>

Business Growth Up, Hopes High
After three slack years, employers across a range of industries have headed back to campus. Lois Meerdink, assistant dean for career services, comments. Read more>>

Two of the CED speakers, Nov 2004.It's All About Execution
The key to being a successful entrepreneur requires execution of the business plan, a process that is directly related to leadership, diligence, and team effort. Read more>>

PwC Executive Reviews Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley

A proactive IRS and a reactive corporate world are two results of the Sarbanes-Oxley legislation of 2002, according to Richard Stamm, national partner-in-charge of tax at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Read more>>

Shelley Campbell, associate director of the MSF program.MSF Program Generating Interest
Judging by the applications and inquiries, the Master of Science in Finance degree is appealing to prospective students around the globe. Read an interview with the key staff in the program to understand why. Read more>>


T&M Student Project Part of Agronomy System Launch
A capstone project by students in the Technology & Management Program helped a corporation develop a new agronomy management system. Read more>>

Ruth AguileraGlobalization of Corporate Codes of Governance
Research by Ruth Aguilera examines the forces that influence the adoption of codes of good governance around the globe. Read more>>

Summer Program Impacts Career Goals
The College of Business participated in the LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) program for the first time during the summer of 2004. Victor Mullins of the MBA program comments. Read more>>

Cookies, Candy, More Cookies
December offers a greater number of opportunities to increase our consumption of sweets. Consumer research by Professor Brian Wansink is frequently referenced by holiday columnists. Read more>>

"Illinois Promise" Program Unveiled
High-achieving in-state students from low-income families will be able to attend Illinois because of a new scholarship program announced this month. Read more>>

Alumni Newsletter Available Online

The newest issue of the College of Business alumni newsletter is online. Read more

FASB Technical Assistant Reports from Connecticut
Mike Kramer is spending a year at the Financial Accounting Standards Board, an experience he says has exceeded his high expectations. Read more

Steve Van Arsdell

Deloitte partner Steve Van Arsdell almost went to med school. But he's glad he chose to pursue a career in business. Read more

Norma Lauder.Winter Convocation
The College of Business has new alumni who graduated this month. Read the convocation address from alumna Norma Lauder and the alumni message from David Gilmartin. Read more>>


Accountancy Staff Member Honored
Jean Seibold, a resource and policy analyst in the Department of Accountancy, received a certificate of merit award from the Dads Association at Illinois. Read more>>

February 10: RoundTable in Chicago
The February RoundTable is in the planning stages. For updated information, contact contact Deanna Dale (217-333-6434).

April 8: Spring Luncheon in Chicago
Planning has also started for the Spring Luncheon. Contact the Office of Alumni and External Affairs for information.

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