1999 Illinois Statistical Abstract
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    A valuable resource for everyone who needs to know the facts about Illinois.
   The latest available state, county, and city-level data for Illinois.
    Facilitates comparisons and trend analysis.  
    Charts and maps identify trends in Illinois & U.S. 
    Convenient to use and reader friendly.
    Sources section serves as a guide to additional data from Federal and State  sources.
    Current, comprehensive, and reliable.  Includes data not published anywhere else.
    Three easy to use formats -- book, disk, and CD-ROM.


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Population --- Housing --- Health & Vital Statistics --- Elementary & Secondary Education --- Higher Education --- Labor Force --- Employment by Industry --- Employment, Hours, & Earnings --- Personal Income ---Farm Income ---Transfer Payments --- Gross State Product --- Consumer Price Indexes --- Inflation Rates --- Business Activity --- Building Permits --- Exports & Export Employment --- Agriculture --- Manufacturing --- Services --- Wholesale Trade & Retail Trade --- Retail Sales --- Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate --- Transportation --- Energy --- Public Finance --- Crime & Law Enforcement --- Parks & Recreation

Bureau of Economic & Business Research
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
430 Wohlers Hall
1206 South Sixth Street
Champaign, IL 61820
Fax: (217) 333-7410
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