Learning Advancement Board

Mission - To enhance the learning experience of our students by providing a network of resources for improving our faculty's capabilities to deliver the best educational opportunities
to our students.

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The College of Business has developed an ongoing teaching academy titled the "Learning Advancement Board." Its focus is on our students' learning and it meets that focus by providing a network of resources and experiences to improve our faculty's teaching.

The LAB programs assist our faculty in a number of ways:

  • New tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty receive help in developing skills to enhance their teaching performance. They learn to balance professional and personal responsibilities in networking, in reflective analysis of their teaching philosophy, and in assessing and improving their teaching. This program assists this group of faculty learn to be more efficient and productive, thereby providing a valuable start to their professional development.

  • Tenured faculty receive training on improving and assessing teaching effectiveness, and learn to give and receive quality feedback and mentoring. It creates opportunities for self-reflection on teaching performance and their role as a teacher.

  • Students in the College are enhanced by improved teaching performance and by faculty learning to assess their teaching performance by giving and receiving quality feedback, plus reflecting more on their teaching performance.

  • The Campus benefits from the enhancement of student learning. In addition, the Campus Teaching Academies will benefit as this successful program continues to flourish.


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