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Mission - To enhance the learning experience of our students by providing a network of resources for improving our faculty's capabilities to deliver the best educational opportunities
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Teaching and Learning Workshop Series (T&L)

The teaching and learning workshop series is open to faculty across the College and at all levels of experience.  The themes (specific learning or teaching issues) for the workshops are chosen by the College Learning and Advancement Board.  Recent themes have included diversity, students teaching students, and the distinguished teacher/scholar series.  In some cases, the theme runs across all four workshops offered during the semester.  For other themes, there may be only one or two sessions for a theme.  These workshops are offered during lunch (11:30 to 1:00) and vary across days (Monday or Tuesday) so to accommodate faculty teaching schedules.  Within the workshops, participants are provided an opportunity to share their experiences, strategies, and support.  This aspect of our program has been successful in attracting participants to become more involved in learning about teaching and attendance varies by the topic or theme.  The average attendance for these sessions is about twenty-five faculty spread across ranks.  We have also been able to bring in high level guest speakers such as Tom Angelo and Joseph Lohman to jump-start our programs and to participate in other teaching/learning activities across campus.  


















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