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Technology Focus Working Papers - 2002

The Full Text PDF can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat 5.0. 

02-0101 Rajshree Agarwal, Raj Echambadi, April M. Franco and MB Sarkar Knowledge Transfer Through Congenital Learning: Spin-out Generation, Growth and Survival [Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
02-0102 MB Sarkar, Raj Echambadi, Rajshree Agarwal and Bisakha Sen The "When, Where, and How" of Entrant Survival: The Effects of Knowledge Regime, Technological Intensity and Start-Up Size on New Venture Survival [Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
02-0104 Rajshree Agarwal and Barry L. Bayus The Market Evolution and Sales Take-Off of Product Innovations [Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
02-0130 Glenn Hoetker Do Modular Products Lead to Modular Organizations? [Abstract] [Full Text PDF]










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