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Faculty Working Papers - 1995


95-0100 Anil K. Bera and Matthew L. Higgins "Arch and Bilinearity as Competing Models for Nonlinear"
95-0101 Jan K. Brueckner & Fu-Chuan Lai "Urban Growth Controls with Resident Landowners"
95-0102 James Wade, Anand Swaminathan and Michael Scott Saxon "The Unanticipated Consequences of Local Regulations in the American Brewing Industry, 1845-1918"
95-0103 Narayan Raman & Dilip Chhajed "Simultaneous Determination of Product Attributes and Prices, and Production Processes in Product-Line Design"
95-0104 John Easterwood, Anju Seth & Ronald Singer "Limits on Managerial Discretion in Management Buyouts: The Effectiveness of Institutional, Market and Legal Mechanisms"
95-0105 Luc Anselin, Anil K. Bera, Raymond Florax and Mann J. Yoon "Simple Diagnostic Tests for Spatial Dependence"
95-0106 David T. Whitford "Chief Executive Officer Compensation: A Comparison of the Stock Market's Reaction to Alternative Incentive Structures"
95-0107 James A. Gentry "Assessing Strategic Performance with Cash Flow Components"
95-0108 James A. Gentry "Credit Analysis Revisited"
95-0109 Leonidas Koutesougeras and Nicholas C. Yannelis "Learning in Differential Information Economies with Cooperative Solution Concepts: Core and Value"
95-0110 Anil K. Bera, Matthew L. Higgins and Sangkyu Lee "Random Coefficient Formulation of Conditional Heteroskedasticity and Augmented Arch Models"
95-0111 Kazi Ahmed Nabi "Grameen Bank Model and its Replication in the USA"
95-0112 Hans Brems "Colliding Wage Policy and Monetary Policy: An Early Danish Contribution"
95-0113 Louis K. C. Chan and Josef Lakonishok "A Cross-Market Comparison of Institute Equity Trading Costs"
95-0114 Partha Sen "Fiscal Policy in a Dynamic Open-Economy New-Keynesian Model"
95-0115 John H. Boyd III and John P. Conley "Fundamental Nonconvexities in Arrovian Markets and a Coasian Solution to the Problem of Externalities"
95-0116 John P. Conley and Myrna Wooders "Anonymous Pricing in Public Goods Economies"
95-0117 James A. Gentry and Antoinette Tessmer "New Techniques in Credit Analysis"
95-0118 John P. Conley and Myrna Holz Wooders "Taste-homogeneity of Optimal Jurisdictions in a Tiebout Economy with Crowding Types"
95-0119 John P. Conley and Myrna Wooders "Equivalence of the Core and Competitive Equilibrium in a Tiebout Economy with Crowding Types"
95-0120 Bhaskar Chakravorti, John P. Conley and Bart Taub "On Uniquely Implementing Cooperation in the Prisoners' Dilemma"
95-0121 Ron Sanchez and Joseph T. Mahoney "Modularity, Flexibility, and Knowledge Management in Product and Organization Design"
95-0122 Louis K. C. Chan, Narasimhan Jegadeesh and Josef Lakonishok "Momentum Strategies"
95-0123 Wai-Kwan Li, Ben S. Liu and Darius K-S Chan "Exploit or Reciprocate? The Effects of Masculinity and Femininity on Concession Behavior at the Initial and Final Stages of Negotiation"
95-0124 Jan K. Brueckner and Richard W. Martin Spatial Mismatch: An Equilibrium Analysis"
95-0125 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans and Charles M. Kahn "Multi-Unit Auctions with Uniform Prices"
95-0126 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans "Auctions with Non-Competitive Sales"
95-0127 Anil K. Bera and Sungsup Ra "Testing for the Regression Coefficient Stability"
95-0128 William F. Maloney "The Equilibrium Informal Sector in Mexico, A Dynamic Approach I: Transitions Between the Formal and Informal Sectors"
95-0129 William F. Maloney "The Equilibrium Informal Sector in Mexico, A Dynamic Approach II: Measuring Wage Differentials Between the Formal and Informal Sectors"
95-0130 John P. Conley and Myrna Wooders "Anonymous Lindahl Pricing in a Tiebout Economy with Crowding Types"
95-0131 Ron Sanchez "Managing Articulated Knowlege in Compentence-Based Competition"
95-0132 D. Sudharshan, Ben Shaw-Ching Liu and Lawrence O. Hamer "A Real-Time Expectation Updating Based Process Model of Service Quality"
95-0133 John P. Conley, Richard P. McLean and Simon Wilkie "Reference Function and Possibility Theorems for Cardinal Social Choice Problems"
95-0134 Joseph T.Mahoney and Ron Sanchez "Competence Theory as Integrating Product and Process of Thought: Beyond Dissociative Theories of Strategy"
95-0135 Guangsug Hahn and Nicholas C. Yannelis "Coalitional Bayesian Nash Implementation in Differential Information Economies"
95-0136 Pyungsuk Oh, Stephen P. D'Arcy and James Dulebohn "Optimal Funding of State Employee Pension Systems"
95-0137 Ron Sanchez "Strategic Product Creation: Managing New Interactions of Technology, Markets and Organizations"
95-0138 Craig Copeland, Richard Arnould, and Lawrence DeBrock "Excess Capacity and Equilibrium Quality Choice in Nursing Homes"
95-0139 Jan K. Brueckner "Infrastructure Financing and Urban Develoment: The Economics of Impact Fees"
95-0140 Bhaskar Chakravorti and John Conley "Bargaining Efficiency and the Repeated Prisoners' Dilemma"
95-0141 George E. Monahan and Matthew J. Sobel" "Risk-Sensitive Dynamic Market Share Attraction Games"
95-0142 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans and Charles M. Kahn "Multi-Unit Pay-Your-Bid Auctions with Variable Awards"
95-0143 Stefan Krasa and Anne P. Villamil Time Consistent Contracts when Enforcement is a Decision Variable"
95-0144 John F. Due "Mining and Transportation in West Central Nevada"

























































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