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Faculty Working Papers - 1996

96-0100 M. N. Hasan and R. W. Koenker "Robust Rank Tests of the Unit Root Hypothesis"
96-0101 George E. Monahan and Vijay Vemuri "Equilibrium Structure of Distribution Channels: Exclusive or Common Retailers?"
96-0102 William F. Maloney "Dualism and the Unprotected or Informal Labor Market in Mexico: A Dynamic Approach"
96-0103 Stephen P. D'Arcy and Virginia Grace France "Pricing Catastrophe Risk: Could Cat Futures Have Coped with Andrew?"
96-0104 Stephen P. D'Arcy and Pyungsuk Oh "The Cascade Effect in Insurance Pricing"
96-0105 Roger Koenker and José A. F. Machado "The Falstaff Estimator"
96-0106 Roger Koenker and José A. F. Machado "GMM Inference When the Numer of Moment Conditions is Large"
96-0107 Hans Brems Da Keynes kom til Danmark: Ĺrhusskolen"
96-0108 James M. Mahoney, Chamu Sundaramurthy and Joseph T. Mahoney "An Empirical Investigation of the Effects of Corporate Antitakeover Provisions on Long-Term Investment"
96-0109 Madhubalan Viswanathan and Terry Childers "The Development and Validation of a Scale to Measure Consumers' Preferencefor Numerical Information"
96-0110 Madhubalan Viswanathan and Terry L. Childers "'5' Calories or 'Low' Calories? What Do We Know About Using Numbers or Words to Describe Products and Where Do We Go From Here?"
96-0111 Madhubalan Viswanathan "A Comparison on the Usage of Numerical Versus Verbal Nutrition Information by Consumers"
96-0112 Terry L. Childers and Madhubalan Viswanathan "Representation of Numerical and Verbal Product Information in Consumer Memory"
96-0113 Madhu Viswanathan and Sunder Narayanan "Memory Based Comparisons of Brand Attributes: The Effect of Task, Information Format, and Information Mode"
96-0114 Madhubalan Viswanathan, Michael Johnson and Seymour Sudman "Using the Sorting Task to Examine Product Representations in Consumer Research"
96-0115 Madhubalan Viswanathan, Terry L. Childers and Elizabeth S. Moore-Shay "The Measurement of Intergenerational Communications and Influence on Consumption: Scale Development, Validation, and Cross-Cultural Comparison"
96-0116 George E. Monahan "Finding Saddle Points on Polyhedra: Solving Certain Continuous Minimax Problems"
96-0117 Joseph T. Mahoney and Ron Sanchez "Integrating Product and Process of Thought: Towards a Pragmatic Theory of Strategy"
96-0118 Ron Sanchez and Aime Heene "Competence-Based Strategic Management: Concepts and Issues for Theory, Research, and Practice"
96-0119 Roger Koenker "Rank Tests for Linear Models"
96-0120 Zhenzong-Cao, Ben S. Liu and D. Sudharshan "Group Preference with Individual Updating of Judgments Based on Group Interactions"
96-0121 Larry DeBrock and Richard J. Arnould "The Strategic Choice of Internal Compensation Arrangements in HMOs" - Do Not Distribute at the Author's Request
96-0122 John P. Conley and Myrna Wooders "Taste-homogeneity of Optimal Jurisdictions in a Tiebout Economy with Crowding Types and Endogenous Educational Investment Choices"
96-0123 John P. Conley and Myrna Holtz Wooders "Hedonic Independence and Taste-homogeneity of Optimal Jurisdictions in a Tiebout Economy with Crowding Types"
96-0124 Anil K. Bera and Subhash C. Sharma "Estimating Production Uncertainty in Stochastic Frontier Production Function Models"
96-0125 John F. Due "Railroad Passenger Service: Amtrak and State-Supported Trains"
96-0126 Jane Leuthold "Building a Homepage for Your Economics Class"
96-0127 George Deltas "When Does Cheating on Mail-in Bids Pay? A Guide for the Dishonest Auctioneer"
96-0128 Luc Anselin and Anil K. Bera "Spatial Dependence in Linear Regression Models with an Introduction to Spatial Econometrics"
96-0129 Steven R. Williams "A Differential Approach to the Construction of Economic Mechanisms"
96-0130 Troy J. Strader, Fu-Ren Lin and Michael J. Shaw "Information Infrastructure for Supply Chain Management
96-0131 Charles Blair "Sensitivity Analysis for Knapsack Problems: A Negative Result"
96-0132 John P. Conley, Rich McLean and Simon Wilkie "A Characterization of the Euclideau Yu Solution and the Duality of Bargaining Theory and Multi-Objective Programming"
96-0133 Nicholas C. Petruzzi and Maqbool Dada "Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with Learning"
96-0135A Troy J. Strader, Fu-Ren Lin and Michael J. Shaw "Information Infrastructure for Electronic Virtual Organization Management"
96-0135B Roger Koenker "Reproducible Econometric Research"
96-0136 Stephen Portnoy and Roger Koenker "The Gaussian Hare and The Laplacian Tortoise: Computability of Squared-Error vs. Absolute-Error Estimators"
96-0137 Jan K. Brueckner "Modeling Urban Growth Controls"
96-0138 Jan K. Brueckner, Jacques-Francois Thisse and Yves Zenou "Why is Central Park Rich and Downtown Detroit Poor? An Amenity-Based Theory"
96-0139 Jan K. Brueckner "Urban Growth Models with Durable Housing: An Overview"
96-0140 Riyaz Sikora and Michael J. Shaw "A Multi-Agent Framework for the Coordination and Integration of Information Systems"
96-0141 Kevin Hallock and Paul Oyer "What Have You Done for me Lately? Executive Compensation and the Timing of Corporate Performance"
96-0142 Omar Arias and Walter W. McMahon "Dynamic Rates of Return to Education in the US"
96-0143 John F. Due "The Evolution of Suburban and Radial Rail Passenger Transportation in the United States: Commuter Rail, Metro (Heavy Rail Rapid Transit), the Electric Interurban, and Modern Light Rail"


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