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Faculty Working Papers - 1997

97-0100 Roger Koenker and Stephen Portnoy "Quantile Regression"
97-0101 Marne G. Helgesen & James A. Gentry "Student Learning Styles: A Challenge to the Finance Profession"
97-0102 Werner Baer and Kent Hargis "Form of External Capital, Sovereignty and Economic Development in Latin America"
97-0103 John P. Conley and Myrna Wooders "Tiebout Economies with Differential Genetic Types and Endogenously Chosen Crowding Characteristics"
97-0104 Stephanie A. So "A Model of Rivalry for Quality Competition: An Investigation in California Hospitals' Changes in Capacity"
97-0105 Stephanie A. So "A Critical Review of the Quality Competition Literature"
97-0106 Stephanie A. So "Market Definitions and Hospital Rivalry"
97-0107 Jan K. Brueckner "Harris-Todaro Models with a Land Market"
97-0108 Christoph Schlueter and Michael J. Shaw "A Strategic Framework for Developing Electronic Commerce"
97-0109 Anil K. Bera & Yannis Bilias "Rao's Score, Neyman's C(a) and Silvey's LM Tests: An Essay on Historical Developments and Some New Results"
97-0110 Troy J. Strader & Michael J. Shaw "Differentiating Between Traditional and Electronic Markets: Cost-Based Model and Empirical Study"
97-0111 Indranil Chakraborty & Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans "Corners and Collusion in Auctions"
97-0112 Nicholas C. Petruzzi & Maqbool Dada "Pricing and the Newsvendor Problem: A Review with Extensions"
97-0113 Nicholas C. Petruzzi & Maqbool Dada "Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with Learning - Revised"
97-0114 Ravindranath Madhavan & John E. Prescott "Strategic Flexibility in Interfirm Networks: An Empirical Analysis"
97-0115 Jan Brueckner "The Economics of International Codesharing: An Analysis of Airline Alliances"
97-0116 Ben Shaw-Ching Liu, Ravindranath Madhavan & D. Sudharshan "Diffunet: Modeling the Impact of Network Structure on the Diffusion of Innovation"
97-0117 Walter W. McMahon "Conceptual Framework for the Analysis of the Socical Benefits of Lifelong Learning"
97-0118 Elizabeth S. Moore-Shay and Richard J. Lutz "Kids' Consumption: How do children perceive the relationships between advertisements and products?"
97-0119 Kaouthar Lajili, Peter J. Barry, Steven T. Sonka and Joseph T. Mahoney "Farmers' Preferences for Corp Contracts: A Principal-Agent Analysis"
97-0120 Michael G. Pratt "To Be Or Not To Be?: Central Questions in Organizational Identification"
97-0121 Ted Juhl "Likelihood Ratio Tests For Cointegration In The Presence Of Multiple Breaks"































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