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Faculty Working Papers - 1998


98-0100 Anil K. Bera, Philip Garcia and Jae-Sun Roh "Estimation of Time-Varying Hedge Ratios for Corn and Soybeans: Bgarch and Random Coefficient Approaches"
98-0101 Roger Koenker "Reproducible Econometric Research"
98-0102 Roger Koenker, and Josť A. F. Machado "Likelihood Ratio and Goodness of Fit Processes for Quantile Regression"
98-0103 Anil K. Bera,Walter Sosa-Escudero and Mann Yoon "Tests for the Error Component Model in the Presence of Local Misspecification"
98-0104 Jan Brueckner "Mortgage Default with Asymmetric Information"
98-0105 Earl L. Grinols "The Selection of Market Interventions"
98-0106 Earl L. Grinols "Asymmetric Intellectual Property Rights Protection and North-South Welfare"
98-0107 Subir Bose and George Deltas "Welcoming the Middlemen: Restricting Competition in Auctions by Excluding the Consumers"
98-0108 Subir Bose and George Deltas "Auctions with Probabilistically Participating Re-Sellers and Final Consumers"
98-0109 Joe Porac, Jim Wade and Tim Pollock "Industry Categorizations and the Politics of the Comparable Firm in CEO Compensation"
98-0110 James A. Gentry and Marne G. Helgesen "Using Learning Style Information to Improve the Core Financial Management Course"
98-0111 Hadi Salehi Esfahani and Munir Mahmud "The Political Economy of Protectionism and Industrial Policy"
98-0112 Roger Koenker "Galton, Edgeworth, Frisch, and Prospects for Quantile Regression in Econometrics"
98-0113 Michael G. Pratt and Peter O. Foreman "Managing Multiple Organizational Identities"
98-0114 Michael G. Pratt "Building an Ideological Fortress: The Role of Spirituality, Encapsulation, and Sensemaking"
98-0115 Michael G. Pratt and Jane E. Dutton "Owing Up or Opting Out: The Role of Emotions and Identities in Issue Ownership"
98-0116 Charles Blair, Zhenzong Cao and George E. Monahan "Cooperative Advertising Models of Trade Promotion in Channels of Distribution"
98-0117 George Deltas "The Empirics of Sequential Auctions"
98-0118 Stefan Krasa and Ann P. Villamil "Optimal Contracts when Enforcement is a Decision Variable"
98-0119 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans and Tomas Nonnenmacher "A Theoretical Basis for 19th Century Changes to the Port of New York Imported Goods Auction"
98-0120 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans and Charles M. Kahn "Multi-Unit Auctions in Which Almost Every Bid Wins"
98-0121 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans and Charles M. Kahn "Low Revenue Equilibria in Simultaneous Ascending Price Auctions"
98-0122 Anju Seth, Kean P. Song and Richardon Pettit "Synergy, Managerialism or Hubris? An Empirical Examination of Motives for Foreign Acquisitions of U.S. Firms"
98-0123 Michael G. Pratt and Peter Foreman "Classifying Managerial Responses to Multiple Organizational Identities"
98-0124 Hadi Salehi Esfahani "Institutions and Government Controls"
98-0125 Salim Rashid and M. A. Taslim "The Analytics of the Size-Productivity Debate: Supervision and the Inverse Relationship"
98-0126 Yasemin Y. Kor and Joseph T. Mahoney "Penrose's Resource-Based Approach: The Process and Product of Research Creativity"
































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