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Faculty Working Papers - 1999


99-0100 George Deltas and Eleftherios Zacharias "Pricing Over the Product Cycle:  The Transition From the 486 to the Pentium Processor"
99-0101 Roger Koenker and Josť
A.F. Machado
"Goodness of Fit and Related Inference Processes for Quantile Regression"
99-0102 Anil K. Bera and Naresh C. Mallick "Information Matrix Tests for the Composed Error Frontier Model"
99-0103 Ko Sumino and Salim Rashid "The Incident of Unemployment Benefits with Balanced Budgets and Sector-Specific Unemployment"
99-0104 Michael G. Pratt, Jose Antonio Rosa and Catherine S. Moe "Beyond the Role-Aptitude-Skill-Motivation Model of Sales Performance:  The Case of Network Direct Sales Organizations"
99-0105 Kilsun Kim and Dilip Chhajed "Commonality in Product Design:  Cost Saving, Valuation Change and Cannibalization"
99-0106 Jose Antonio Rosa, Joseph F. Porac, Jelena Runser-Spanjol and Michael S. SaxonDilip Chhajed "Socio-Cognitive Dynamics in a Product Market"
99-0107 John P. Conley "Migration-Proof Tiebout Equilibrium: Existence and Asymptotic Efficiency"
99-0108 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans "An example of Multi-Unit Auctions with Atypically Many Equilibria"
99-0109 Bart Taub and H. Chade "Segmented Risk Sharing in a Continuous-Time Setting"
99-0110 Jan K. Brueckner and Yimin Zhang "Scheduling Decisions in an Airline Network: A Hub-and-Spoke System's Effect on Flight Frequency, Fares and Welfare"
99-0111 Anil K. Bera "Hypothesis Testing in the 20th Century with a Special Reference to Testing with Misspecified Models"
99-0112 Dan Bernhardt and Tracey Belcourt "The Distribution of Enterprise Structures in Transitional and Developing Economies"
99-0113 Dan Bernhardt and Vladimir Dvoracek "Why Do Multinationals in Poor Countries Pay High Wages?"
99-0114 Dan Bernhardt, Vladimir Dvoracek, Eric Hughson and Ingrid Werner "Why Do Large Orders Receive Discounts on the London Stock Exchange?"
99-0115 Edward Kutsoati and Dan Bernhardt "Can Relative Performance Compensation Explain Analysts' Forecast of Earnings"
99-0116 Michael Scott Saxon, Jose Antonio Rosa and Joseph F. Porac "Socio-Cognitive Dynamics as Positive Feedback Loops in Mature Competitive Markets"
99-0117 Eleftherios Zacharias and Steven R. Williams "Ex Post Efficiency in the Buyer’s Bid Double Auction When Demand can be Arbitrarily Larger than Supply"
99-0118 Anil K. Bera and Gamini Premaratne "General Hypothesis Testing"
99-0119 John P. Evans and James A. Gentry "Do Strategic Share Repurchase Programs Create Long-Run Firm Value?"
99-0120 James Bergin and Dan Bernhardt "Industry Dynamics"
99-0121 Jose Antonio Rosa, Joseph F. Porac and Jelena Runser-Spanjol "Product Markets as Socio-Cognitive Systems Theoretical Foundation and Research Propositions"
99-0122 George Deltas, and Eleftherios Zacharias "Sampling Frequency and the Comparison Between Conformable Matched Model and Hedonic Regression Price Indexes"
99-0123 Maduh Viswanathan "Measurement Error in the Operationalization of Measurement Error:  Implications for Measure and Method Development"
99-0124 John Beck, Jon S. Davis and Woon-Oh Jung "Taxpayer Disclosure and Penalty Laws"
99-0125 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans "The Effect of Entry and Information Costs on Oral versus Sealed-Bid Auctions"
99-0126 Steven C. Michael "Investments to Create Bargaining Power:  The Case of Franching"
99-0127 Steven C. Michael "The Effect of Organizational Form on Quality:  The Case of Franchising"
99-0128 James A. Gentry and Michael A. Dyer "Corporate Finance:  Do Beginning Students Get It?"
99-0129 Ariaster Chimeli "Construction of an Index of impact of Industry on Water Pollution for the Piracicaba River Basin, MG. Brazil:  Do Beginning Students Get It?"
99-0130 John H. Johnson, IV "Do Long Work Hours Contribute to Divorce"








































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