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Ciber Working Papers - 2002
02-100 Werner Baer and James T. Bang "Privatization and Equity in Brazil and Russia" [Full Text PDF]  
02-101 Ruth V. Aguilera, John C. Dencker and Xavier Escandell "Disentagling Embeddedness. An Empirical Analysis of Global Acquisitions in the 1990's" [Abstract] [Full Text PDF - Unavailable]
02-102 C. Bryan Cloyd, Lillian F. Mills and Connie D. Weaver "Firm Valuation Effects of the Expatriation of U.S. Corporations to Tax Haven Countries" [Abstract - none available] [Full Text PDF]








Center for International Business Education and Research

The Full Text PDF can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat 5.0. 


Ciber Working Papers - 2001
01-100 GiSeung Kim and George Deltas "The Dynamics of self-Employment"    
01-101 George Deltas and Richard SicottePeter Tomczak "Passenger Shipping Cartels and Their Effect on Transatlantic Migration"    
01-102 George Deltas and GiSeung Kim "Analyzing Labor Markets in Transition: A Markov-based Approach with an Application to South Korea"    
01-103 Werner Baer, Tiago Cavalcanti, Peri Silva "Economic Integration Without Policy Coordination: The Case of Mercosur" [Abstract] [Full Text PDF]
01-104 Christoph Gwosc' and Gregor Van Der Beek "Principles for a European Union's Public Debt"    


Ciber Working Papers - 2000
00-100 Jon S. Davis, Gary Hecht and John Perkins "Social Behaviors, Enforcement, and Compliance Dynamics"
00-101 Lee J. Alston and Andrés Gallo "Evolution and Revolution in the Argentine Banking System Under Convertibility: The Roles of Crises and Path Dependence"
00-102 Jay Hyuk Rhee and Joseph L.C. Cheng "Re-examining the Incremental Model of International Expansion:  The Impact of Firm, Industry, and Host-Country Factors"
00-103 John F. Due "The Swiss Value Added Tax After 5 Years"
00-104 John F. Due "Regional Administration of the Value Added Tax in Tanzania and the Relationship of the Value Added Taxes in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar"
00-105 Ruth V. Aguilera and Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra "Codes of Good Governance"








Ciber Working Papers - 1999
Edmund Amann and Werner Baer
"The Illusion of Stability: The Brazilian Economy 
Under Cardoso"



Ciber Working Papers - 1998
98-100 Werner Baer, Eduardo Haddad and Geoffrey J. D. Hewings "The Regional Impact of Neo-Liberal Policies in Brazil"
98-101 George Deltas and Konstantinois Serfes "On the Optimality of Semi colusion Under Demand Uncertainty"
98-102 Werner Baer, William R. Miles and Allen B. Moran "The End of the Asian Myth: Why Were the Experts Fooled"
98-103 Admund Amann and Werner Baer "From Technology Absorption To Technology Production: Industrial Strategy and Technological Capacity In Brazil's Development Process"
98-104 Jean-François Hennart "Transaction Costs Theory and the Multinational Enterprise"
98-105 James A. Gentry, David T. Whitford, Shigeo Aoki and Konan Chan "Estimating the Value Creation Process of American and Japanese Companies Based on Cash Flow Performance"
98-106 George Deltas, Konstantinos Serfes and Richard Sicotte "American Shipping Cartels in the Pre-World War I Era"
98-107 Werner Baer and Nader Nazmi "Privatization and Restructing of Banks in Brazil"
98-108 Elizabeth Asiedu and Hadi Salehi Esfahani "Ownership Structure in Foreign Direct Investment Projects"
98-109 Jaimin Lee and Salim Rashid "Korean Manufacturing Success: Did Selective Intervention Work?"














Ciber Working Papers - 1997
97-100 John F. Due "The Tax Structure of Namibia and its Overall Implications for Investment and Economic Growth, with Emphasis on the Sales Tax"
97-101 Eduardo Pontual Riberiro and Jane H. Lethold "Preference Structures and the Excess Burden of Income Taxes in Brazil"
97-102 James A. Gentry, David T. Whitford, Shigeo Aoki "Estimating the Value Creation Process of American and Japanese Companies Based on Cash Flow Performance"
97-103 J-F Hennart, Harry Barkema, John Bell, Gabriel R. G. Benito, Jorm Larimo, Torben Pedersen and Ming Zent "The Impact of National Origin on the Survival of Foreign Affiliates: A Comparative Study of North European and Japanese Investors in the United States"
97-104 J-F Hennart and Ming Zent "Do Differences in the National Origin of The Partners Affect the Longevity of Joint Ventures?" A Comparative study of Japanese-Japanese and Japanese-American Joint Ventures in the United States.
97-105 William F. Maloney and Wendy V. Cunningham "Heterogeneity in Small Scale LDC Enterprises: The Mexican Case"
97-106 Ming Zeng and J-F Hennart "Acquisition-Specific Knowledge and Entry Mode Choice by Japanese Investors in the United States"
97-107 J-F Hennart, Thomas Roehl and James M. Hagen "Are Joint Ventures with Local Firms an Efficient Way to Enter a Culturally Distant Market? The Case of Japanese Entry into the United States"
97-108 J-F Hennart, Dong-Jae Kim and Ming Zeng "The Impact of Joint Venture Status on the Longevity of Japanese Stakes in U.S. Manufacturing Affiliates"

















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