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Photo: Roundtable speaker. Photo: Business student. Photo: Researcher.

The Center is actively engaged in a variety of initiatives within the College of Business and the broader business community.


Ruth Aguilera, Center for Professional Responsibility Fellow

In September, 2007 Professor Aguilera was appointed as a fellow for the Center. Her research has focused on corporate social responsibility (CSR), including the development of a framework to identify stakeholders' motivations to engage in CSR practices. Aguilera's work examines the conflicting and complementary interactions between stakeholders, and also identifies the key drivers of current trends towards increased attention to companies' social obligations. Learn more about Professor Aguilera and her research on our Fellows page.

Curriculum Development

Business 101

Business 101 is a new course introducing College of Business freshmen to professional responsibility. It begins by developing the concept of professional responsibility within a personal and interpersonal context. Students will discover the meaning of responsibility in their career and in professional relationships. The course continues by expanding the concept to an ethical balance of the profit motive and corporate responsibility within the global context. In addition to the video below, we have also developed a brochure given to all Business 101 students.

Twitter Account

A Business 101 Section (JS4) has created a Twitter account to show its interpretation of professional responsibility as it appears online, including how it relates to college life. Students tweet articles and photos they feel relate to professional responsibility. These are their unedited thoughts on what professional responsibility means to them; we thought visitors to the Centerís webpage might find it interesting to look at professional responsibility through the eyes of freshmen in the College of Business!

Finance 300

The Center provided a grant to develop an online ethics module for the Finance 300 course. The course examines theory and applications associated with the functioning of financial markets to include the conceptual foundations of portfolio theory, risk management, and asset valuation. The stock, money, bond, mortgage, and futures and options markets are examined as well.

Public Engagement

Accountancy Roundtable, Washington, D.C.

The Center sponsored a one of a kind roundtable discussion in Washington, D.C. in October, 2007. The presentation was titled, "The Accounting Profession-Five Years of SOX and Counting," and featured speakers Conrad Hewitt, Chief Accountant, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Charles Bowsher, Former Chairman of the Public Oversight Board and Former Comptroller General of the U.S. and Art Wyatt, Professor Emeritus, Illinois. Each offered their unique perspectives on the accounting profession five years after Sarbanes-Oxley. Learn more about our Roundtable Series.

Net Impact Conference

The Center sponsored two current Illinois MBA students to attend the Net Impact Conference held at Vanderbilt University in Novermber, 2007. The students, Jovanna Owusu and Noel L. Vivar, attended seminars with topics that ranged from working in public-private partnerships to creating parks and sustainable development in urban and suburban areas, to integrating sustainability, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility into the supply chains of Fortune 500 companies.


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