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What Is A "Pledge"?

If you decide to make a pledge, you will be redirected to the online Legacy pledge form. You will then be able to indicate a specific amount of money that you would like to pledge to the Class Gift over a period of three years. Furthermore, you will be contacted each year by the College of Business with regards to your pledge fulfillment. It is very important that you provide the College with your future or permanent address, so we will be able to contact you over the next three years. Please contact a member of the committee if you have any additional questions.


Pledges require a three year commitment made by donor. Total amount of donation appears first followed by yearly commitment for the next three years.

BRONZE - $75 (15; 30; 30)
  Receive a gift for any donation given within this range.

SILVER - $120 (20; 50; 50)
  In addition to receiving the previous level's gift, you will receive a t-shirt.

GOLD - $250 (50; 100; 100)
  Have your name included in a special display and become a member of the College of Business Young Alumni Recognition Society - Business Loyal Society in addition to receiving the previous two level's gifts.

PLATINUM - $500+ (100; 200; 200)
  Donors of this level are invited to a special dinner with the Dean of the College of Business in addition to receiving all other gifts from the previous levels.*

*Additionally, the top five overall donors will receive a special gift for their contributions.

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