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Viswanathan, Madhu, Subsistence Marketplaces (2013), eBook

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Subsistence Marketplaces

ShowUseful Websites:

1. Ecosystem Marketplace – Carbon project

2. Conservation Development Enterprises in Africa – World Bank’s program

3. William Davidson Institute – University of Michigan

4. Base of Pyramid Protocol Initiative – Cornell University

5. BRINQ website – Base of Pyramid definition

6. Helsinki School of Economics

7. BOP source blog by Jenara Nerenberg – Good resources for Base of Pyramid links, news, etc

8. Science and Technology Innovations for the BOP in Southeast Asia      

9. Base of Pyramid Innovation blog by Louise Koch

10. Microsoft – Technology for subsistence markets

11. Simulation

ShowCases of Business and Social Enterprises

1. Environmental Defense Fund website

2. World Business Council website

3. Colby College website 


5. Worldchanging

6. SEBRAE – Brazil

7. University of Michigan

8. Startup capital for social entrepreneurs

ShowData sources

Introductory pdf

1. World Bank – Statistics for subsistence

2. The Next 4 Billion (Hammond et al., 2007)

3. Beyond Economic Growth (WBI, 2004)

4. World Economic Forum (WEF) Initiatives

5. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)  Publications

6. Rural Marketing Association of India

     a. Article 1

     b. Article 2

     c. Article 3


Mumbai slum dwellers turn rubbish into small fortunes

Vanguard World toilet crisis

Welcome to India 2012 BBC Documentary - Episode 1

Welcome to India 2012 BBC Documentary - Episode 2

Welcome to India 2012 BBC Documentary - Episode 3



ShowBusiness Plans and Reports

1. Ford – changing the way they function in the wake of the current economy

2. MIT – for sustainable technology

3. Clarus

4. Airlines involvement in future climate treaty

5. Ecovative Design

6. Other company CSR reports

Show Courses

1. Arizona State University

2. Baylor University: Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries

3. California Institute Technology: Product design for the developing world

4. Clemson University: Featuring: EE&S 486,686 Pollution Prevention and Industrial Ecology

5. Colorado State University: BN 496 Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Business Strategies

6. Columbia University: The Earth Institute

7. Cooper Union : EID 357 Sustainable Engineering and Development

8. Cornell University : Center for sustainable global enterprise

9. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis: The GO GREEN course

10. Iowa State University: Sustainable Engineering and International Development course

11. Michigan Technological University: ENG 5530 Sustainability Graduate Seminar

12. Northwestern University:Sustainability: Issues and Action Near and Far

13. Penn State University

14. Portland State University:Sustainability Courses

15. Stanford University:Design for a Sustainable World

16. University of California, Berkeley: Business and Technology for Sustainable Development

17. Globalinitiative Microfinance

ShowUseful websites

1. Division for sustainable development - UN

2. Sustainable Consumption & Production – UNEP

3. US Department of Interior – Guiding principles of sustainable design

4. Cradle to Cradle – Book

5. World Business Council for Sustainable Development

6. World Resource Institute

Mumbai slum dwellers turn rubbish into small fortunes

Vanguard World toilet crisis


Course Material - Online Access

Show Business Plans and Presentations


Additional Material - Consent Required

Show Educational Videos


1. Day in the life of an urban seller

2. Day in the life of a rural seller

3. Day in the life of a urban buyer

4. Day in the life of a rural buyer

5. Shakti Rising - Movie

6. Marketplace Literacy - Consumer

7. Marketplace Literacy - Entrepreneur

8. Immersion - Water

9. Immersion - Plowing

10. Marketplace Literacy (Telugu)

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