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Our work extends to social initiatives which represent proactive approaches to disseminate research and apply it in practice.  In concert with a non-profit organization, the Marketplace Literacy Project, we have developed nutrition education materials currently being used in the state of Illinois and developed a unique marketplace literacy program in India.  Much previous work in research and practice has focused on market access and financial resources (such as microloans), elements that are critical to enable individuals living in subsistence to engage in marketplaces as buyers and sellers.  We focus on the third key element that has not been addressed in research and practice, marketplace literacy.  We have developed a consumer and entrepreneurial literacy program based on our research that can empower individuals living in subsistence to participate in the marketplace and engage in mutually beneficial exchanges.  A book published by Springer in an education series in alliance with UNESCO documents our research-based approach.   After several years of offering and customizing our program, it is currently being adopted by several large non-profit organizations that provide a variety of services to hundreds of villages in India.

Marketplace Literacy Program

Please use the following links to visit the Marketplace Literacy website or to learn more about our nutrition education project.

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