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College of Business Outreach and Engagement

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The College of Business' outreach and engagement initiatives include providing marketplace literacy around the world. These programs are being implemented through our partners as well as through Entrepreneurs Without Borders, a student organization. The geographic focii of these outreach and engagement efforts are in specific locations in four continents - India, Tanzania, Argentina, and Illinois, USA. Unique to such outreach and engagement is a focus on low-income contexts around the world in terms of teaching business related content in subsistence marketplaces as a means to alleviate poverty.

In the USA - Outreach includes marketplace literacy education in Chicago, Southern Illinois, and Urbana-Champaign, supporting the Illinois Marketplace and Maker Literacy Program.

In Tanzania- Urban and rural programs on marketplace literacy education have been launched working with OIKOS East Africa.

In Uganda - marketplace literacy education is being piloted in a refugee settlement for subsequent launch.

In Argentina - marketplace literacy education is being piloted for subsequent launch.

In India - a long-running program in South India is being scaled to other parts of India.


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