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Nutritional Educational Materials

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Working with the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension, the research was used to develop educational materials for the Food and Nutrition Program, currently employed for the EFNEP program (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program) in the state of Illinois.  In contrast to existing nutritional education materials that are text-based and relatively abstract, we use pictorial representations and a close correspondence with marketplace interactions.  The broad objective of such work is to systematically incorporate consumer literacy into adult education.  The consumer context is an important arena where basic literacy skills play out in day-to-day life and the development of consumer literacy may in turn facilitate basic literacy. 

Relevant Publication

Viswanathan, Madhubalan, and Roland Gau (2005), “Functional Illiteracy and Nutritional Education in the United States: A Research-Based Approach to the Development of Nutritional Education Materials for Functionally Illiterate Consumers,” Journal of Macromarketing, 25, 187-201.

Nutrition Educational Materials

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