Better Because of Illinois
  • Brigadier General Wilma Vaught was the first female, US General, and graduated from the College of Business at Illinois.
  • #3 preferred institution for recruiters Wall Street Journal
  • 83% of students who start in the College of Business will graduate from the College of Business (highest on-campus)

Dean's Message

From the dean.

When you come to ILLINOIS, you'll work alongside other outstanding students learning to be business leaders. Our world-class faculty are respected researchers and celebrated teachers. You'll hone your natural abilities, and master cutting-edge business concepts and practices with assignments, teamwork, and real-world challenges.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, ILLINOIS maintains strong relationships with top companies like Caterpillar, State Farm, McDonald's, IBM, the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission, all major accounting firms, and more. Professionals from our corporate partners—many who are alumni—frequently visit campus to mentor our students, guiding them to successful business careers. They recognize and demand ILLINOIS quality.

Larry DeBrock
College of Business at ILLINOIS