Better Because of Illinois
  • 90% of students who begin in the College of Business will graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (highest on-campus)
  • Brigadier General Wilma Vaught was the first female, US General, and graduated from the College of Business at Illinois.
  • #5 university for helping graduates getting top salaries; ahead of all Ivy League, private, and other Big Ten universities

“The Technology & Management Program gave me the opportunity to build a strong network of future leaders in both business and engineering, both at a professional and personal level. The T&M Program's connections with some of the best companies (and future employers) also helped me obtain my current position at BP, a T&M corporate sponsor.”

David Olsen
BS Finance and Management; concentration in Intl. Business; 2011
Minors in Technology & Management and Political Science
Compliance Analyst; BP Corporation North America

Technology & Management Minor

Surpass the "competitive advantage"

We use the term "competitive advantage" a lot. However, a competitive advantage is exactly what you can expect from the Hoeft Technology and Management program, which combines the principles of business with the power of engineering. T&M students enter the workforce as a highly sought-after graduates.

A 22 credit-hour curriculum, the Technology & Management minor provides opportunities to meet with business leaders from top corporate partners, interact with the sponsors through corporate visits and lecture series, and learn how the U.S. interacts with one of the world's largest markets with a 2-week trip to China after junior year. Find out more.