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Finance 300 includes weekly online homework. Students are encouraged to practice the homework questions daily and make progress incrementally. There is no limit to the number of practice sessions during the week. Your highest practice grade will be counted as your homework grade for that week.

  • Homework is accessed through GRT weekly. Each session opens Saturday at 6am (except for Homework #1) and closes Friday at 5pm. Please see Homework Calendar for detailed practice schedule.
  • All practice sessions are graded so that you can see which questions you answered correctly, but only the highest raw grade (e.g 15 or 16) is converted (to 10) and included in your course grade.
  • There are no make-ups or conflicts if you ever miss a week's practice homework.
  • Make sure to click "save and submit" in order for your homework answers to be recorded by GRT.
  • The lowest one out of the thirteen homework scores will be dropped from your course grade calculation.
  • Time Penalty: The time clock allows for 15 minutes. When the clock shows 0:00 time remaining clicking submit on any question will submit the entire homework. If the total time on the homework exceeds 16:00 minutes then a penalty of 4 raw points will be applied to your homework score.

Technical Difficulties

The homework system runs on a system of computers; technical glitches are a fact of life. If you experience technical difficulties with the practice homework

  1. Reload the web page.
  2. Logout, close the web browser, open a new instance of the web browser, and try again.
  3. If these simple fixes do not work contact GRT's technical support. GRT is pretty good about getting back to you in a reasonable period of time when the problem is reported in a timely manner and if you report details. "My homework isn't working" gives them nothing. "When I submit the answer to question 1 the entire homework is submitted for grading" gives them something to work with and will result in a much more timely response.