Course Requirements


  • Successful completion of Finance 221. If you have not successfully completed Finance 221 then you must complete the Petition to Violate a Pre-Requisite and have it approved by the Finance Department Advisor, Tim Flanagin.
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Working knowledge of algebra, statistics, and basic linear regression techniques. The Regression and Excel skills learned in Econ 203 will be used in the Equity Project.

Required Material


  • Financial Markets (2nd Edition) by Elisabeth Oltheten & Kevin G. Waspi. Great River Technologies 2012

  • GRT online access code included with the textbook. The online code is required in order to access the homework and UISES. Details on registering your code with GRT are included in the documentation. If you already have a code with GRT from another course or from a previous semester then you need to add a course. Details are included in the documentation.

  • Financial Calculator. Two models of business calculator are authorized for use on the exams: the Texas Instruments BA II Plus and the Hewlett Packard 12C (including the HP 12C Platinum).These are the same two calculators that are authorized for use on the CFA exams. Calculator policy will be strictly enforced on all exams.

General Requirements

  • Read! Every interview season, interviewing firms come back with variations on the same theme: the students that impressed them most were those who
    • kept a high grade point average
    • demonstrated a committment in extra-curricular or community affairs
    • were in touch with the financial, business, and political issues of the day.

    This requires a steady course of reading. Even if you only read the Wall Street Journal for 15 minutes every afternoon, or Business Week every Sunday morning, stay in touch with the world around you and be prepared to comment and express your own opinions on various topics during your interview season. You might actually find that it makes you a better, more informed person all around.

    Then take that better, more-informed person you are and choose a few works from the further readings mentioned in your textbook. Few investments will pay you better dividends.

Course Requirements

  • The course consists of individual and group work. Students must complete and pass each of component of the course in order to pass the course.

    1. Individual Work

      • Mid-term examination. The mid-term examination consists principally of questions similar to the Chapter Questions in the course book and the weekly homework. The exam is taken in the regular class time.

      • Final Exam. The Final Exam is cummulative and is taken during final exam week.

      • Homework Weekly homework assignments as defined by your professor.

      • Pop Quizzes In-class quizzes as defined by your professor

    2. Group Projects

      • Equity Analysis & Bond Analysis Projects The analysis projects are designed to reflect the potential professional environment in which a student in finance may find him/herself after graduation. Students are free to form their own teamsof four. The team will perform one equity analysis and one bond analysis. You may, but are not required to, keep the same team for both the equity and the bond analysis.