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What is this year's gift?

As voted on by the senior class, the 2012 Legacy Senior Class Gift will be an award that will provide seed funding to College of Business students or groups who have either young or fully-developed entrepreneurial startup ideas. In addition to receiving cash, the selected startups will be aligned with mentors and coaches, have access to an enormous network of alumni, investors, and successful entrepreneurs who are all doing their part to give back to the College of Business, and support College entrepreneurs.


Legacy 2012Deadline: April 4th, 2012

Have an innovative business idea? Compete for an entrepreneurship award and startup assistance. First prize is a $5,000 award and participation in the Illinois Launch accelerator program.
Second prize is a $2,500 award.


The College of Business has a long history of graduating successful entrepreneurs. Albert Goldstein (Finance, ‘02) founded CashNet USA in 2004, and sold it for $265 million in 2006. Albert and his brother Alexander started the Illinois Launch accelerator program with a gift to the College in 2009. Since then, the Illinois Launch accelerator program has helped more than 50 startups raise over $1.3 million in seed stage funding.  Several College of Business undergraduates have participated since the program started in June of 2010:

This competition and award is funded by the 2012 Legacy Senior Class Gift.

Win a $5,000 award to help launch your own startup!


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