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Giving Strategies

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(As found in The Transformative Power of Womenís Philanthropy, written by Martha A. Taylor)

  1. Begin your philanthropy as early in life as possible. Even if you canít give as much as you'd like, your gifts will add up and begin to form your legacy.
  2. Find your passion, and focus your gifts rather than scattering them. Think about two or three areas or causes you want to support with your major gifts, and make this your philanthropic mission. Not only will your gifts have more impact, but you will find your giving more satisfying.
  3. Work for parity in giving in your household. You and your spouse should have equal voice about which causes your contributions support and the amount given. Follow your values in your giving.
  4. If you can, give our of your assets to the causes you are passionate about.
  5. Give while you live so you can see the benefits of your action and learn how to give strategically.
  6. Consider your philanthropy as another child, your investment in the future of our world. When planning your estate, if you have two children, divide your estate in three, leaving one-third to each child and one-third to philanthropy.
  7. Consider the strength of numbers. Organize with others to provide a pooled gift that can make a project possible. Establish a giving circle that meets regularly to give strategically together.
  8. Leverage your giving. Increase your impact by challenging others to support the causes you hold dear.
  9. Teach the art of philanthropy to the next generation. Instill in your children and the other young people you associate with the cause you treasure and your commitment to support them. Be a philanthropy mentor to your family members and friends.
  10. Enjoy your philanthropy. Celebrate life on your birthday with a philanthropic gift that you might not have thought possible. Philanthropy can be one of the most meaningful, rewarding activities in your life-and your legacy.


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