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Money Smart Week

Photo of the display at Central High School. Click to see a larger image
Ms. Diane Ecker at Champaign Central High School put together displays to feature Money Smart Week

Money Smart Week Dollar Logo Money Smart Week is a program, sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, of six days of focused presentations by community groups, financial institutions, government agencies, educational organizations, and financial experts, all designed to help consumers learn to better manage their personal finances.

The Money Smart Week model has grown beyond Chicago with successful campaigns taking place in all five states within the Seventh District (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin).

The Financial Literacy Program is a proud partner in Money Smart Week. We offer the following programs:

Video Essay Contest

High School students are encouraged to produce and submit a Video Essay. In 2008 the topic was the student's relationship with a financial institution; in 2009 the topic is the current financial crisis.

Students are encouraged to research the topic and to create a video essay that teachers, parents, and other students, can use to learn about the topic at hand. The Video Essay can be a dramatization, animation, coordinated stills; whatever the student needs to communicate his ideas.

Local Business people, the Office of the State Treasurer, and the University of Illinois have all donated money to provide scholarships for the winning videos.


Rotary Challenge

The Rotary Challenge is an Investment Challenge whereby students in local area High Schools are given a $1 million on-line brokerage account in which to buy and sell US Equities. Students then compete to generate the highest rate of return for themselves, for their teachers, and for their schools.

Members of the Champaign Rotary Club donate prizes and winners are acknowledged during the Rotary Luncheon at the end of every semester.

Accounts in the University of Illinois Securities Exchange Simulation (UISES) are provided as grants-in-kind to any High School in any Money Smart area that wishes to participate. Please contact Elisabeth Oltheten

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